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Happy Endings

April - June 2016

These are some of our adopted Goldens 
who have gone on to their new homes!


Tuk Tuk
Tuk Tuk has a wonderful new home and he
 is a very happy boy.

Watson has a great new home, he was one of our April Turkey dogs.  He loves his toys and his new life in the USA.

Ellie May
Ellie is doing fabulous in her new home.  She gets to go to work with her Dad and loves it.   She is very good at greeting customers.

Josie, formerly Sally
Josie, formerly Sally, is one of our Turkey Dogs who came in April.   She has a very high prey drive which her new mom is working on with her but she has to hold on tight.   Josie is doing great.

Barney, formerly Tom Sawyer
Barney, formerly Tom Sawyer, came from Turkey in April.  His Mom says "Mr Barney is a sweety pie.  Sits under my feet at the table. LOVES his yellow football."  

Gypsy Lady
Gypsy was such a problem child with climbing fences.  She now has a new home with a secure 6 ft fence and it is in the country, which she loves, as she hated city noises.  She is doing fantastic.

Chance is 12 years old and has a wonderful new home where she does farm chores and loves life.


Silas has been adopted to a wonderful home where he will be training as a search and rescue dog. He came from Turkey living at a busy intersection and has gone onto having a very important job.

Sadie, formerly Becky Thatcher
Sadie, formerly Becky Thatcher, has a golden sister and they are doing great together.

Buddy, formerly Buddy Holly
Buddy, formerly Buddy Holly, is doing fantastic in his new home.

All of our adopted Golden are featured
on our Happy Endings Pages in the quarter in which they were adopted.  
Click below to see all of our Happy Goldens.

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2010 First Second Third Fourth
2011 First Second Third Fourth
2012 First Second Third Fourth
2013 First Second Third Fourth
2014 First Second Third Fourth
2015 First Second Third Fourth
2016 First

This Page was last updated on June 26, 2016.

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