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Happy Endings 2001

These are some of our adopted Goldens 
who went on to their new homes in 2001!

"You took me in when I needed a home,
So I wouldn't have to stay in a shelter alone.
You played with me and gave me love;
You were my guardian angel sent from above!
It was sad when we had to part,
But my life was getting a new start.
Now I have my forever family,
And I love them as much as they love me!
What you did wasn't just a "rescue,"
And because of that, I will always thank you!"



Merlin came from a shelter  He is a love bug.  Merlin likes to snuggle on the couch and get tummy rubs.  He is a very light blond boy with a soft (very pettable!) coat.  Merlin likes to carry a ball in his mouth and go for walks.  When he’s very happy, his tail wags in a circular motion, kind of like a propeller – very cute!   Merlin has found his "Forever Home" with Jen.


Rose loves to go on walks with her new Mom and Dad. She has a big yard to play in and is growing up fast. We hope to soon have an update on her progress.


Daisy is living the good life in her new home with a Doggie sister Sandy. They have great fun playing with each other and lots of doggie toys. When we first met Daisy, she was a golden mix puppy in a shelter. She is now a beautiful big girl who has a very loving home.


Charlie was a stray at a shelter. He was adopted but returned to the shelter after a few days because the people said that Charlie followed them everywhere around the house and that bothered them. Charlie now has a home with a doggie sister and all the love and attention he craves. He enjoys going for long walks with his new family and helps guard the yard from any rabbits. Charlie thanks his “Foster Buddies” Lee and Chuck Hoff for their kind support.


Cowboy spent most of his life in a small pen, and he is making up for lost time getting and giving love in his new home. He gets to join in the family activities including going to the school bus stop every morning. He's learning the household routines and will soon be starting obedience classes.


Yukon is a sweetheart who has found a family to give him lots of love and attention. He is ALWAYS ready to play ball--and his new family is more than willing to oblige. He loves to join in his new family's activities.


Megan was a 6 month old Golden pup who was rescued from a kill shelter with a broken leg and a case of kennel cough.  Megan healed quickly although she didn't like the case on her leg and is now enjoying her new home.  She loves sleeping in her new momma's bed and playing catch with a tennis ball. 


Rosita is now in a loving home with other Goldens.  She loves 

to collect a stack of balls. Rosita goes on a walk with other

Seniors down the meadow every day and can go for an off-leash

romp because she comes when she is called. Her most exciting

adventure to date is a trip to a pond with some younger goldens.

She had a great time....waded in the water, rolled in the grass,

and actually ran with the other kids around the pond. She may

be a senior, but she was acting like she was a three year old.

Maggie (Honey)

Maggie (formerly named Honey) was given away when her prior owner passed away.  She has found a loving home where she can play with her new doggie brother Rocky.  She was a little overweight but is shedding those pounds in her new home. One of her favorite things is to lie on the bed.


Sprite has found a home where she can have lots of fun running and playing and learning new things.  Once she grows up a bit more, she may go on nursing home visits with her new family so she can spread her joy with others.


Here is a picture of Zeus and his human sister, Laura. Zeus is truly enjoying his life with us. He has a backyard that he loves. He will place himself between me and other strange people or dogs as if to protect me, yet he is as gentle as can be. He no longer hops the fence. I think he knows he is home for good this time.  I cannot imagine life without Zeus in it.


Jubilee's new family writes: "Jubilee is doing very well in her new home. She has gotten quite comfortable with her family and loves to go on walks to chase cats and bunnies. She especially loves her 'fetch ball' that blinks and she likes to wrestle to wear off energy. She is the favorite pet of the neighborhood and is very pampered by her 'parents' and 'grandparents.' Her nickname is 'Ju Ju Bean.' She thinks it is too bad that no one loves her or pays attention to her (ha! ha!). She is very curious and always needs to know what everyone is doing. Her parents say she is the greatest (and so is Love a Golden Rescue for bringing her into their lives)!!!"


Boomer is a young Golden who loves to play. He was lucky enough to find a loving home with a playful doggie buddy Sampson. The two of them have quite the time together.


She is just great...having lots of fun and getting into things while I'm at the office. Last month she had her shots and checkup at the Vet. She was his first appointment of the day and he said that he hoped all the rest of his patients were in as good of health and condition as her. Gave her a huge O.K. She has just recently discovered "growling," only she is so sweet that her growl sounds more like a soft hum. She walks around humming all the time now


Here's Harper in his forever home.  Before Harper came to us, he had been in a shelter, then adopted by a family who turned him in to another rescue because he wasn't playful enough. A caring foster home nursed him through heartworm treatment.  Now he has found a loving family where he gets lots of play and attention.  He gets to take lots of fun trips in the car and particularly likes going for ice cream.  Harper will be starting obedience class soon and we expect he'll be the star of the class.  He sure loves his tummy rubs.


Chelsea has found a family to love her and spend lots of time with her. That's all she wants to be happy and will give lots of love in return.


Sadie craves attention.  She was surrendered to rescue because her owners felt that their work schedule did not allow enough time to be fair to her. Now Sadie is very happy to have found a home where she is part of the family and gets lots of attention.  She traveled to her new home in another state via the Canine Underground Railway where a number of volunteers coordinate and drive the dog home.  To see a photo story of Sadie's travels from Missouri to New Jersey child HERE.  

Joy and Katie

Joy and Katie are very lucky sisters who have found a loving home together.  Before coming to rescue, they had spent most of their life in a kennel and had a number of litters of puppies. Then they spent about a year with a family who loved them but found that changed circumstances prevented keeping Joy and Katie. Joy and Katie are now blossoming with all the love and attention they are receiving in their new home.


Ginger (formerly named Mallory) loves being at home with her new family. She is a very sweet girl who loves to play. She has already started obedience class and is doing very well although she would prefer rolling over and having her tummy rubbed to working.

Maggie (right)

Maggie Mae is a sweet senior Golden girl. She likes to watch the other Goldens play, and quite often she is the instigator. Maggie limps on her left front leg, probably due to an old injury. But that doesn't keep her from joining in the fun at her new home.


Angel was a beloved family pet whose severe allergies flared up at her former owner's home. She's found a home with other doggie buddies and lots of love. Her allergies seem to be under control with medication in her new home. She likes to play ball and is looking forward to starting agility classes.


Lucy is a very sweet and cute girl who wants to please. She loves her new family very much and is already starting obedience classes where we're sure she'll be a star.


Penny reports that she is having a great time in her new home & enjoying her favorite activities of playing soccer with her Golden brother Beau in the backyard and taking long walks each morning.


Pumpkin makes friends wherever she goes! Her tail wags a lot to let you know how happy she is. Her tail is wagging even more than usual in her new home where she gets lots of love.


Jackson, Hunter, and Fischer are brothers who came to us from a shelter. The prior owner had turned them in due to a move when they were only about two months old. They had ringworm, and so the shelter released them to us for treatment. Each has now found his loving forever home where the family has the patience, time, perseverance, and sense of humor to teach him what he needs to know as he grows up.

Jackson is in a home where he has two children to love and gets to take lots of walks.  




Hunter was happy to join his new family who loves him as much as he loves them.  






Fischer enjoys his new life in a loving home where he gets lots of playtime and time and attention.





Haley is a lively young goldenesque girl who loves to run and play. She's enjoying life now in an active home where she gets lot of love and playtime and gets to play with her favorite toy of all, the ball.


Lily (formerly) Dilly was adopted by a wonderful couple who had lost their previous Golden to cancer.  They are retired and Lily has all the attention she can stand - all day long.   She has adjusted well to her new home and it's a happy ending for all.


Winston was our foster who made his way into our hearts in a very special way, he helped our Senior Golden Annie regain a will to live after surgery by getting her to play with him, he helped her walk again.  Winston is an awesome Golden, he loves to cuddle, play, go on hikes and is doing great in his obedience class.  He is almost 10 months now and at this young age is becoming an ambassador for Love a Golden Rescue.  He is currently showing his second foster puppy, Stella, the ropes, a job he takes very seriously.  He takes the fosters under his paw, watches over them and most of all plays with them and makes them feel at home. 

Jan & Ray


Gladys (formerly called Precious and now also affectionately known as Gladdy or Gladys Marie) is enjoying life with a Golden brother Buddy. Gladys so wants to please and is so happy in new home that she seems to be smiling. Gladys has allergies but fortunately her new family has them under control.


Duffy has found a home with a wonderful family and doggie brother. Duffy craves attention and is getting lots in his new home and is quickly becoming a member of the family.

Saguaro Sandy Pirc

Sandy had a rough start to her early life, but that all changed on autumn day in 2001.  Sandy came into Love A Golden Rescue and was originally being fostered by Mary and Dale Pirc.  Sandy was “a bit prickly”, at first, hence Saguaro Sandy who exhibited signs of earlier abuse that she had suffered.  Sandy was very nervous, a bit edgy but did get along well with Aspen and Miss Daisy her foster sisters.  It was later determined that she had suffered from untreated fractures in her early life.  Sandy now enjoys “doggie manipulation” and acupuncture, which has relieved her pain.  Sandy is very small about 45 pounds of golden, but she is all-gold.  Sandy really started to blossom with Aspen and Miss Daisy and now a very happy golden.  Mary and Dale later adopted Sandy.  It is hope that by the end of 2002 she will earn a therapy dog certification.



All of our adopted Golden are featured
on our Happy Endings Pages in the quarter in which they were adopted.  
Click below to see all of our Happy Goldens.

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2010 First Second Third Fourth
2011 First Second Third Fourth


This Page was last updated on November 17, 2008 .

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