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Happy Endings

January - August  2002

These are some more of our adopted Goldens 
who have gone on to their new homes!






Dear Luv A Golden,

Thanks for taking such good care of me while I was staying with you. I'm 7 months old and almost full grown, my mom thinks I will grow a little bit more but not much. I'm still in training although I've only got to more weeks to go. A little while ago my Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, and I went camping. I also got to meet my two cousins Galieth and Domino, who are very fun to play with. We went on my Uncle's boat and Domino persuaded me to come swimming with her so, I gave it a try and now I just LOVE to swim!! I'm still having a little trouble putting my mom in her place though. She keeps insisting that she isn't a dog when I try to play tug of war with her arm. I'll keep trying to tell her that she really is a dog. I would love to come on one of the fall walks with everyone . Thank you soo much for giving me a home, I thought that nobody would ever want me but, now I've got a great mom who spends every moment she can with me. I love my family and I love all of you back at Luv A Golden Rescue because you gave me a chance. Although, sometimes I wish I could have had a different mom because my mom likes taking lots and lots of pictures of me and it gets really annoying (but I still love her!). Well, I'm going to go chew on my big bone some more, it's a foot long!! Goodbye!! Hugs and Kisses~

Tucker James Armstrong.





Dear Love A Golden Rescue:

I am sorry that I have not been in touch with you for a while.  I have been so busy settling in to my new home.  Thank you a million for giving me a second chance and taking me in at the Love A Golden Rescue and helping me find “My Forever Home”.

I have found my forever home, I love it here……..I really like my new family.  I get to be inside the house and I love the couch, it is so nice and soft to lie on.  Don’t I look comfortable and of course very handsome!

  I have two Cat sisters; one is much older than I am, so she always wants to be in charge.  Actually, she is in charge, she tells me when it is time for me to settle down.  My other Cat sister is the same age as me.  She is still a little scared of me (I don’t understand why……I am so cute). 

I also have a Human sister; she is great.  She is eight years old, and she loves to play with me.  She gave me some of her stuffed animals, I love them.  She gives me treats and pets me all the time.  Every morning when she has to go to school, I get to ride along and say ‘good-bye’ to her at the school.  I greet her every day at the door when she comes home.  I really like her.

Then there is the Man of the house.  My human Dad is real cool…..he wrestles with me every night.  We take turns winning…….though I prefer to win all the time.  However, my human Dad is very strong, so sometimes he pins me.  L  L  My Dad also plays ball with me; boy, he can throw that ball very far.  I usually bring the ball back to him, but sometimes I forget.

My human Mom is very good and sweet to me.  However, she is always watching over me………. as if I would do something wrong.  Me, Barkley, doing something that I am not supposed to………..well, I do love her house slippers, they are red and very good to chew on.  But my Mom won’t let me have them.  She brushes me every day; we go for long walks and she even brushes my teeth.  I got this real cool doggie toothpaste; it is Poultry favor.  M’m M’m  Good!

I have bunches of toys, and I even have my own Dining Table for when dinnertime comes along – I love dinnertime.   The Doggie table is very nice, that way I do not have to bend down to eat.  My Mom says it is better for my digestive system…….whatever that means?????  At night I sleep on my own rug, it is very soft, it has Doggie and Kitten pictures on it.  I just stretch out and go to sleep and I usually do not wake up until my Mom says that it’s time to get up.  Sometimes, I am rather lazy and sleep for another ten minutes before I get up.  Then of course it is time to play…………………

I start obedience classes this Monday.  I can’t wait to meet the other dogs, my Mom says that I will probably be the oldest in the class, so I have to set a good example……..okay, I will try.

I love my fenced in yard, and I protect it from any intruders.  Sometimes the squirrels get too close and I have to run them off.  I also like the Garden Pond.  I have tried to catch the Gold fish in there, but they are just too quick for me.  My family also takes me down to the pasture (no, there are no cows there) where we play and have fun.

Again, thank you for saving me.  I am very happy here and I have no intentions of ever leaving.  I have found my Forever Home.

Hugs and Kisses  XXXOOOXXXOOO


Barkley Levi

P.s.  Do you like my new middle name??  I think it sounds very masculine!




A note from Boomer

To all my heroes at Luv a Golden:

I just wanted to say a long overdue thank you for finding me my forever home!  I am so happy here.  My brother Sampson and I love frolicking around in the back yard together and we love to play tug of war.  It doesn’t matter if we are each chewing on a bone that’s exactly the same, I always want the one Sampson has.  He doesn’t seem to mind, though, but my parents are teaching me how to share and I’m getting better.  My Mom and Dad play ball with us every morning and afternoon.  I LOVE the ball!  And, I also love taking my Mom for walks!  We tried to make the Luv a Golden walk at Queeny Park.  My Dad thought he knew how to get there and ignored the directions.  Well, you can guess how that turned out.  They took my brother and I for a walk there after we eventually found it, I was just sorry I didn’t get to see you and say HI.

Well, I have to run, literally.  My brother really wants me to play with him.  Thanks again for all you do (my parents say thanks too)!  Hopefully I’ll see you at one of the fall walks… I’ll make my Mom drive this time.

Hugs and Kisses,




Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae is having fun playing with her new doggie buddy in her new home. She's started obedience class and we think she'll be a star of the class. She came from a shelter, but she now is in a loving home.



Vance is a sweet blonde boy who loves to play. He now has his very own family and lots of love to share.



Shadow loves people and loves doing things. He's enjoying lots of runs and jogs with his new family.   Shadow is doing great. You would never know she was adopted. She acts like she has lived here her whole life.



Sandy is an energetic girl who loves to learn. She is enjoying all the love and attention in her new home and keeping busy with lots of fun things to do and places to go.



Aspen is enjoying life and lots of fun activities with his family in New York City. Aspen came to us from a shelter after testing heartworm positive. He underwent heartworm treatment and never lost his loving, upbeat attitude despite the treatment and required crate rest.

Aspen would like to thank his Very Special Foster Buddies:

Pat & Ed Dowling
Aspen's pals Hannah and Rocky and our angel Shannon. 
"Good luck Aspen, you're a beautiful boy! "




Cheyenne (who was named Morgan) was a matted Golden whose time was up in a shelter. Now she's a beloved family member with her own Golden brother SunDance. Cheyenee was heartworm positive and successfully completed treatment. One of her ears was injured in the past and is shorter than the other, giving her a jaunty look which matches her personality. Cheyenne likes to give gentle kisses and is getting lots of love in return.



Fish (who was named Button) is one of the world's happiest dogs. His little nub of a tail is always wagging. He loves meeting people and is now having a great time going to work with his new owner. Fish is becoming quite the celebrity around the neighborhood and gets greeted by his fans when he's out for walks.



Cute little Daisy (who was named Brownie) came to us when her time was up at a shelter. She had a rough start but is quickly learning about the joys of living in the house and is having lots of fun and getting lots of attention in her new home.



ZuZu Bailey

ZuZu Bailey loves going places with her new family. She shares her name with the child in the classic movie "It's a Wonderful Life." In the movie, little ZuZu becomes ill because she doesn't dress warmly enough on a winter day for fear of crushing some petals. Like her namesake, our ZuZu Bailey is very sweet and loving. If you meet ZuZu Bailey now, you don't realize that only 2 days after she came into rescue she required emergency surgery to remove over 200 stones in her bladder. Her operation went smoothly, and she recovered quickly. ZuZu Bailey now is lucky enough to be spending her time being close to people who love her. 

ZuZu says a special thanks to her very special "Foster Buddies": 

Adopted Golden Retriever Yukie's (Yukon) Dad & Mom 
Don & Paula




Sam has come a long way and is now very happy in his new home where he's getting lots of love and attention. He's learning about the joys of city life and getting to go on lots of trips to the park and to local events. Sam absolutely loves to be petted and enjoys meeting all his new friends. Sam started life as a FFA (Future Farmers of America) project, and when the project was complete, he needed to move on to a new home. But his next home didn't want to keep him either because he balked at riding in the back of an open pick-up truck. Fortunately one of our volunteers saw the "free to a good home" ad for Sam, and Sam's prior owner agreed to turn Sam over to rescue. Although some dogs find good homes through these "free to good home" ads, sometimes the dogs end up in laboratories or other sad fates. When Sam came to rescue, Sam was heartworm positive and had eye and ear injuries. He successfully completed the ordeal of heartworm treatment, and his other injuries quickly healed. 

Sam would like to thank his foster buddies: 

Joy & Ron Orr 
"Sam have a wonderful life, we know you will be loved." 

From the Gang in Texas: 
Pam & Carl Wendenburg + 6 Goldens




Mikey is glad to have found a family who loves her. She had been turned into a shelter by her prior family because she chased their cattle. Mikey now has another family where she gets lots of attention and can be part of the family.



Krissy is having lots of fun playing fetch, one of her favorite things. She's a young Golden who is lucky enough to have found a family to help her learn all she needs to know and give her the love she so needs.



Erin has found a loving family of her own. She is enjoying all the love and attention and having lots of fun with the other dog in her home.



Quincy is enjoying life on the east coast. He traveled via a CUR run, and his new owner drove several of the last legs to get him. His new owner says that he's doing great and that it already feels as though he has been with his new family forever.



Abra  (Snickerdoodle)

Snickerdoodle (now known as Abra) now is enjoying life with a doggie buddy and lots of playtime. Abra is one of the sweetest girls. Unfortunately she suffered from severe hip dysplasia and had to have surgery on her hips before she was even a year old. Abra met her new family when she was at the orthopedic surgeon's clinic recovering from her first surgery. It was love at first sight for Snickers and the family (including the family dog). Abra's new family is providing her second hip surgery.  

Abra's new Mom writes: "I just want you to know Abra is doing wonderful in her new home.  I feel like she has been here forever.  She and Pebbles (above picture) love each other sooo much.  They play constantly.  This is the happiest I have seen Pebbles in a while.  She seemed depressed as an "only dog".  With Abra she is bright and happy!!  Abra has claimed the living room chair and thinks it was made for her.  In fact, I was sitting in it the other day and she was barking at me to get out."

5/3/02 Update: Abra is bouncing back quickly after her second hip surgery. We hope she'll soon be enjoying life to its fullest.

Abra would like to say a very special thank you to her Foster Buddies for making her first surgery and her bright future possible:

Deanne Mullins - "Hope she does well!"

Doug & Barb Edelman -
   "We miss you terribly, Snickie. 
We wish you a successful surgery, good  recovery 
and happy healthy life."

Pat & Ed Dowling -  "In memory of Shannon"

Diane & David Pierce

Jan & Ray Knoche in Memory of Rebel & Junior 

Corporate Donation (anonymous)

Deb Haggerty

Pamela & Carl Wendenburg -
 "Get well soon, Snickers so you can run with the big boys ! Luv Pam, Carl and the gang in Texas

In Memory on Stan Pric
Beloved father of Dale Pric
by Mary and Dale Pric

Rick & Christine Law and Snickers Law
"To Snickers from Snickers Law"




Toby is doing great in his forever home. His home reports that he has been going for lots of boat rides, laying on the dock at their house, or just laying around. He always has a big "dog smile" whenever they walk in the door..



Shayna is very happy in her new home where she gets lots of attention. Shayna loves to have tummy rubs and does the cutest "reverse sit" where she puts her should to the ground when you are petting her.




Remington who is now named Rocky came to us as an approximately 9 month old stray from a shelter. He has now found a warm and loving home and has another Love A Golden alum Hannah as his new doggie sister. The two of them love to run and play and wrestle. Rocky is helping Hannah overcome her shyness. Congratulations to both of them for finding a wonderful forever home.






Callie's very happy in her new home and getting lots of TLC. She's come a long way from when she was forced to live in an isolated life in a stock trailer by her prior owners. Callie is very happy to with all the attention she is getting and with the opportunity to be part of a family.





Hannah is happy to have found a loving family to help her gain self confidence. Hannah was a very sweet but very shy young Golden from a kennel. She has a lot to learn about the world, but she is already blossoming with the help of her new family.




SteIla's HSDDV Ending 

Stella is doing wonderful. We absolutely adore her! She has shown incredible improvement from when we first got her. The difference is like night and day. She has really come out of her shell and her personality has started to blossom. Aside from a few small mishaps everything has been great. She enjoys playing with our cats and playing fetch. Belly rubs still and chewing rawhides remain her favorite pastime and the couch still remains her favorite place. However her crate runs a close second. We are starting dog training with her on Tuesday at Kennelwood and we are very excited about that! Stella still remains shy when it comes to new people and new places. We are hoping that by going to the training and interacting with other dogs and other people this will help with that. We can't thank you enough for bringing Stella into our lives and we look forward to the many happy years we will spend with her!





All of our adopted Golden are featured
on our Happy Endings Pages in the quarter in which they were adopted.  
Click below to see all of our Happy Goldens.

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2011 First Second Third Fourth


This Page was last updated on November 17, 2008 .

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