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Happy Endings

July - September  2004

These are some of our adopted Goldens 
who have gone on to their new homes!



Doogan has a new Golden brother, another Love A Golden adoptee, Hunter, and is having a great time with his new family.



Lance is a lucky pup--he now has a wonderful home filled with love and fun.



Jen wasn't our typical foster dog--she is a chocolate lab who ended up as a stray in a shelter along with her Golden buddy. We took both dogs and now each has its own special home. Jen is having a fun time with her new family who was hoping to find a lab to share their home.



Penny has a lot to be happy about.  She came to rescue quite a while ago.  At that time, she was very thin and run-down and had a withered leg which was likely the result of a prior traumatic injury.  We thought that the leg might need to be amputated, but Penny had other ideas and began using it and strengthening the atrophied muscles.   She found a special home to love her.  She loves to run and play and is getting a lot of time to do that in her new home.  After having spent a long time in foster care, she is now the darling of her new neighborhood and a very loved companion. 


Tanner Murphy

Tanner Murphy got his special wish of a family of his own to love.  He is afraid of thunderstorms but seems to do well when a person or his new doggie siblings are around so he can see that's it's no big deal. He is having lots of fun in his new home.



Ariel spent the first part of her life in a commercial breeding operation without much human contact. She quickly blossomed in foster care and is now a beloved companion to her new doggie sister and a family member of her new home where she gets lots of love and the opportunity to learn about everyday things which are new to her.



Brinkley is a handsome and lively young adult Golden who had probably lived most of his prior life in a pen. He was turned into rescue for catching (and releasing unhurt but stressed) his prior owner's ducks and chickens. Brinkley now has an active home with a trainer who will teach him lots of fun things to do and where he can continue to learn. He is even looking forward to a career as a "demo dog" for obedience classes.



Cramer is a fun boy who came to us from a shelter.  He is now having lots of fun with his new family.



Brad is getting lots of snuggle time in his new home.  He is so happy to have his own family to love.



Kyle has a new name Parker and a great new life with a loving family and a new Golden brother Zander.



Todd is a young male Golden who is a lot of fun and has a LOT of energy. He is now burning up that energy playing with his new Golden brother Tucker and having lots of fun with his loving new family.



Oliver is a lucky little puppy.  He came to rescue because he was too curly and the breeders did not think he could be sold.  He now has a wonderful home where he can share lots of love. 



Hannah is a sweet senior girl who needed to find a new home when her original owners could no longer keep her.   She has found a special home to open their hearts to her and is giving them lots of love in return.



Zinnia is having a wonderful time playing and meeting new friends in her new home.  She is so happy to have a loving family of her very own.



Bree (who was called Brea) had severe orthopedic problems when she came to rescue.  After two hip surgeries, she found a very special home to dote on her like she so deserves. 



Hank was a very big boy at 135 pounds when he came to rescue.  He did well on his weight-loss-challenge and came to enjoy playing and exercise as the pounds dropped.  He is lucky to have found a home where he immediately knew he was home.


Great Brittany and new sister

Great Brittany is a feisty senior Golden who is now at home with a new senior Golden sister. In the picture, Great Brittany is on the left and her new sister is on the right. They are at work with their family, waiting to greet the day's customers.



Juliet is a young Golden mix who is a very lucky girl to have found a loving home.



Dexter is very happy about having found a loving family.  He came to us from a shelter because he was heartworm positive.  He completed his heartworm treatment and found a wonderful home.



Rocky is a cute young Golden mix who now has his very own family with whom to cuddle. 



Princess is now snuggling on her very own bed in her very own home. Her face is partially paralyzed from possibly having been hit by a car before coming to rescue. She is missing a toe from an operation to remove a benign growth. These give her a special look, & her new home loves her as she is.




Jesse is a cute little guy who is growing up fast.  He loves to play and has lots of fun in his new home where he's learning the ropes.



Chili came from difficult circumstances but now is enjoying life with his new family and even has a special doggie friend.


All of our adopted Golden are featured
on our Happy Endings Pages in the quarter in which they were adopted.  
Click below to see all of our Happy Goldens.

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2008 First Second Third Fourth
2009 First Second Third Fourth
2010 First Second Third Fourth
2011 First Second Third Fourth

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