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Happy Endings

October - December 2003

These are some of our adopted Goldens 
who have gone on to their new homes!



Twelve year old Nikki got what she wanted for Christmas--she is now a permanent family member in what was her foster home.



Gentle Ariel has blossomed since coming to us from having lived in a kennel and producing puppies during her prior life. She is now enjoying life as a beloved companion and getting lots of attention with her new family.



Twelve year old Wendy is happy to be in her new home. She is getting lots of love & enjoying a comfy life with her new senior Golden brother.







Betsy (Bess)                                       Rory         

Betsy (who was named Bess when she was a foster dog) and Rory are enjoying life together in their new home. Rory is getting lots of ball playing and is the star of his obedience class. Betsy is well on the road to recovery after her FHO surgeries on both hips and her entropian surgery. She feels better than she has for a long time and gets to share this with her new family.



Bailey Girl

Bailey Girl is a sweet senior Golden girl who found her new home with her foster family. She's looking forward to lots of fun with her new doggie brother & sister and with chasing a tennis ball.



Dakota and Maxwell

Dakota and Maxwell are a 7 year old sister and brother who were together their entire lives. They are fortunate enough to have found a family who opened their home to both of them so they can stay together.



"Fred is doing very well and he is a good boy.  He stated his second week of training.  Fred really likes his teacher and of course his teacher is a girl.  Above is a picture of Fred after just jumping into my lap.  What a surprise!"



Zeus found a new "forever home" with his LAGR foster family after he returned to rescue following the death of his owner.   This is a picture of Zeus on his 6th birthday.


Logan (Max)

Logan (now Max) is one of the pups born to Aberdeen after she came to rescue. He is a fun-loving boy who is now having a great time in his new home with lots of play and activity.



Rusty Boy

Rusty Boy sadly had to be given up when his prior owner moved. Now he has found a new family to love him.


Lucy (Spring Shadow)

Spring Shadow is now sporting a new name Lucy and having a blast playing with her new Golden buddy Larry. She is very lucky to have found a great home where she's loved and will get care for her allergies which have been responding to holistic care.





Shadie has come a long way since she came to rescue, nearly starved and heartworm positive. She is now enjoying life as a beloved companion in a wonderful home.


Honey Bun
Honey Bun was more than a little worried when she first came to rescue as can be seen in this picture from that time. Now she's blossomed and having a great time with her new family.


Brando (Tiger)

Brando (who was named Tiger) was adopted by his foster home who quickly fell in love with him. He is enjoying playing, taking walks in the park, and is already the star of his obedience class.



Bud Light (or Buddy) is a handsome 8 year old Golden who is having a great time with his new family. He gets plenty of love and attention which he craves. He also gets to be a jogging partner & is eager to go on his daily jogs.



Hallie is doing great in her new home and has a Golden sister who she loves to play with. Her golden sister formally Lucy Bell now Bella is a Love a Golden alumni. Both girls are very lucky to have found a great home.


Banshee was born soon after his mother Aberdeen (See Happy Endings July-September 2003) came to rescue.  He is a lively young boy who is a typical puppy. 



Baxter came to rescue after his prior owner passed away.  He's now found a great home where he can get the love he needs.  He enjoys carrying a toy in his mouth & making little noises to let you know how good he is.



Buster is a cute blonde boy whose whole body wiggles when he gets excited.  He's pretty excited now to be in his new home



Darby is one of the puppies which Aberdeen (see Happy Endings July-September 2003) had after coming to rescue.  He is having fun in his new home.  He has already started obedience class & is the star!!!



Lilly is a sweet young Golden mix.  She loves to play and is having a great time playing in her new home. 



All of our adopted Golden are featured
on our Happy Endings Pages in the quarter in which they were adopted.  
Click below to see all of our Happy Goldens.

2001 All quarters
2002 First & Second Third & Fourth
2003 First Second Third Fourth
2004 First Second Third Fourth
2005 First Second Third Fourth
2006 First Second Third Fourth
2007 First Second Third Fourth
2008 First Second Third Fourth
2009 First Second Third Fourth
2010 First Second Third Fourth
2011 First Second Third Fourth


This Page was last updated on November 17, 2008 .

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