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Happy Endings

August - December 2002

These are some of our adopted Goldens 
who have gone on to their new homes!




Jenny is a sweet, high energy puppy who is always busy. She's having a great time playing with her family which includes a new Golden brother.




Shania is enjoying getting lots of attention from her new family. She's very happy to have so much love after spending most of her prior life in a kennel.




Stoney was a stray in a shelter. He was in poor health, heartworm positive with a growth on his shoulder. His coat was thin & he was very underweight. With the help of his special foster buddies & others, he has regained his health and is now enjoying the good life in his new home. He loves getting snacks & going for walks, and he gets plenty of both.



Henry went home in time for Christmas and in time to get some neat gifts from Secret Santa! He is having lots of fun playing ball--his favorite pastime.



Charlie is very happy in his new home. He's learned how to shake with either paw and how to roll over --which he does very well considering his size. He's looking forward to beginning obedience classes in the New Year.



Captain (who is now named Amos) is taking lots of fun walks in his new home. It already seems to him & his new family like he's always been there.



Alexis is very happy playing in her foster home. Before coming to rescue, she spent most of her life in a kennel. She is very lucky to have found a loving home to help her blossom.



Summer is enjoying her new home on the East coast. She had a great trip with volunteers helping her get home.



Hooter is one of the happiest dogs in the world--his tail never stops wagging in his new home.



Riley is in his new home, but it already feels to him like he's been there forever. He is lucky to have found lots of love and attention which he craves.



Missy (or Miss AJ) is having a great time in her new home. She gets lot of snuggling and gets to go for lots of fun walks. Missy gave us quite a scare when she was in foster care. She bloated. Her foster home rushed her to the vet and she had to have emergency surgery. But she's recovered now and very happy in her new life.



Charlotte came to her foster home several months ago and decided to stay.  Although almost 12 years old, she seem to have more energy than her 2 much younger brothers and is always initiating wrestling matches with them.   She really likes the doggie door so she can go outside whenever she likes.  You can se where she sleeps along with her dad and brothers.



Kaiser (now named Brady) is having a great time in his new home. He's looking forward to taking obedience & agility classes.



Cute little Taz got what he wanted for Christmas--a forever home. When Taz came to rescue, one of his front legs was so severely deformed that it had to be amputated. Taz is doing great with only three legs. He has a specially fitted jogging stroller for when he gets tired, but most of the time he wants to run & play with his doggie brothers.





I wanted to give you an update on our adopted golden...Jake. We've had Jake a little over two months, and he is definitely one of the family. He's learned to open the back screen door with his nose so that he can follow his doggy brother out into the backyard. He is also learning to catch a ball when it is thrown straight up into the air...a snowball will work, too! What he has NOT learned to do is to stay off of our bed! He is very convinced that it's his bed, too!

Jake has really grown. When he arrived, he was still a bit thin and the vet recommended that he gain a bit of weight. He has done so, and I think he may have also gained a bit more height. He's by far the largest golden we've ever owned. He's by no means fat, just big! He loves to play with his pal, Bailey and with my sons when they re home. Going for a romp in a wooded park near our home is one of his favorite adventures, and he's also learning to walk well on a leash. Unfortunately, my knees have given out (knee replacement surgery seems to be in my very near future), but me husband is enjoying walking with "the guys". Sparring with the cat is also one of his favored pastimes.

Jake is a wonderful dog. Even my son who is not particularly into animals says he's the greatest dog even. Of course, he also insists upon calling him "Schnitzel"!

Thanks for choosing us!



Lady (right) with Rammy

Lady is enjoying her new life with a doggie brother and lots of play time. She was surrendered by her prior owner to a shelter because they had too many pets. Now she is happy in her new life and learning about going places and doing new things. She may soon be headed to obedience class where she'll likely have even more fun and get to learn lots of new things.



Jasper is a lucky boy who is having fun in his new home with a doggie brother. Jasper enjoys lots of walks around the neighborhood & playing with his new toys.



Zach is having a great time playing with his new Golden sister in his new home. He is getting lots of love and being a good boy although he likes to move the bath mats around the house.



Zeke loves to snuggle and is getting lots of opportunities to do so in his new home. He is a fun boy, always ready to play, and having a great time at his new home. He is working on learning to fetch the Frisbee--he loves to go get it, but he doesn't see the point of bringing it back yet.



Taffy is a lucky girl to have found a new family where she's the "princess of their hearts." When Taffy came to rescue, she had probably been hit by a car in the past. Her pelvis had been broken and healed in a twisted fashion. That resulted in her having an unusual gait in the rear, but not in causing her to slow down. Taffy loves to be petted and played with, and when she is very excited, she will twist to the right and then the left, showing you how happy she is.



Casey is a beautiful blonde girl whose prior family unfortunately could not take her when they moved out of state. She has now found a new family to love. She is getting the royal treatment and enjoying every minute of it.



Lucy loves going for her walks every day in her new home. She is getting lots of attention and love, and there are lots of fun things for her to do. Lucy couldn't be any happier!



Sadie is a lively young girl who needs lots of time and attention and lots of things to keep her busy. She's having fun playing in her new home and continuing to learn about life in the house. She is a lucky girl to find a family who loves her so and is helping her learn what every dog needs to know but what she did not previously have an opportunity to learn.




Dublin is a senior boy whose original family no longer had time for him. He is now spending his time with his new family and their other Goldens, getting lots of walks in the meadows, and lots of swimming time. Dublin went home via a CUR run--and he thanks everyone who made his adoption possible as he now has a great life filled with fun and love.

Dublin's new home sent the following message:

"Dublin is doing just great!! He has fit in so well and has such a nice personality. He goes with me when I take my daily walk up our hill (it's about a 45 minute walk) and he loves to play and dunk in our two catch ponds. WE LOVE HIM!!"







Brandy is having a great time in her new home. She gets the love she craves and has a kitty buddy. Brandy rolls her ball to the cat, trying to get the cat to play. Brandy is also getting in lots of swim time--talk about a great life for a Golden!! Brandy came to us with an old injury, a previously broken leg which had not healed properly. But that doesn't stop her from being a wonderful girl who was lucky to find a wonderful home.





ZoŽ is blossoming from a shy puppy who was born under a building to one who loves to run and play. She is learning that life is fun and has found a very special home with a Golden Retriever buddy to help her learn what she needs to know.



Lacy loves going for walks in her new home. She's getting lots of opportunity for long jaunts and best of all lots of love and attention.



Chance is a very happy boy in his new home with his new St Bernard buddy. He loves to run and play and gets lots of love and attention.



Sparky is a fun-loving young male Golden mix with a sparkle in his eye. He's having lots of fun in his new home with his Brittany Spaniel buddy. He loves to play fetch and has created a game where he runs through the ball-thrower's legs before returning the ball. When in foster care, he tore the cruciate ligaments in his knee. Our vet was able to perform a 2 hour surgery to correct that and Sparky was back to running and playing very quickly. Sparky says a special thanks to his very special "Foster Buddies": Pamela & Carl Wendenburg.


Murphy Brown

After 5 months Murphy has finally decided she likes her new digs, wants to stay and is enjoying her new life while she battles her recurrent cancer with the help of her brothers and sisters. She is a true love-bug making sure that her Mom is never out of eye sight. Murphy loves her 3 sisters but she adores the 2 boys!



Sweet Fancy has an apparent birth defect in the bones of one of her front legs. She doesn't know there's a problem though and loves to play.


All of our adopted Golden are featured
on our Happy Endings Pages in the quarter in which they were adopted.  
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This Page was last updated on November 17, 2008 .

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