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Happy Endings

October  -  December  2010

These are some of our adopted Goldens 
who have gone on to their new homes!



Emmalee has waited a long time for her perfect home which she now has and is very happy


Samara has a new Mom who is going to do lots of fun things with her

Leah formerly Martha

Leah is do very well in her new home, she loves ice cubes, she has an older Golden brother and Leah reports “My mom, Mei, is a great mom.  She has me sitting, staying, rolling over, and giving my paw”.

Louis formerly Justice

Louie has a wonderful new home where he is doing very well and his new family adore him

Clancy formerly Washington

Clancy doing his favorite thing in this photo  next to chasing squirrels.   He is very happy in his new home

Hank formerly Benjamin

Hank is one lucky puppy to have a great new home, where he is doing very well

Dublin formerly Pride

Dublin is a very sweet boy and doing very well

Luther formerly Ross

Luther enjoys life with his family

Miley formerly American

Miley is a mischief as seen in this photo but she is much loved

Buddy formerly Victory

Buddy new home reports he is doing great and growing fast.  His adult coat has come in and he is turning out to be a beautiful dog.   He looks very much like a Golden--with a pretty, shiny, wavy red coat.



Cheyanne foster home fell in love with her and she now has a new family of her very own

Bella formerly Franny

Franny now Bella had a difficult start to her life not wanted, now she has a new home with another young dog and she is much loved

Roxy formerly Falon

Falon  now Roxy came from a shelter when he time was up, what a lucky girl she has a wonderful new home.



Shadow formerly Goldie Boy

Goldie is very happy in his new home.   He has quickly learn the ropes and enjoys long walks with his new Dad.



Lexie formerly Marigold

Marigold has adjusted very well to her new home.   Just a few months ago no one wanted her and how she is much loved.



Bonnie formerly Pippa

Pippa has a great new home with another LAGR Golden who is teaching her the ropes.



Izy formerly O'Hara

O’Hara found her new home in Iowa not so long ago.   She was tied out and starving not  anymore.   She is much loved.




Sooner has found her forever home and is very happy and doing great.




Dallas and his new Dad enjoy time outside a life Dallas loves.



Joshua is a gentle senior who has never met anyone who did not love him.  He now has a home of his own and doing great.

Molly formerly Brooke

Brooke now Molly has a wonderful new home with two other Goldens and vacations in Minnesota



Abbey has a new family and a LAGR alumni brother to teach her the ropes.




Lexus is a very lucky girl, she found her new home with her foster home




Krissey new home says "What a great dog! she has settled down and has devoted her days to trying to get everyone around to pet her, which we all gladly do.  Piper has accepted her and they take naps together.  She is a major food beggar, glad you warned me. I think she now knows that this is her pack and forever home. Everyone comments on how pretty and polite she is. Since Piper is so submissive they are a perfect couple."



All of our adopted Golden are featured
on our Happy Endings Pages in the quarter in which they were adopted.  
Click below to see all of our Happy Goldens.

2001 All quarters
2002 First & Second Third & Fourth
2003 First Second Third Fourth
2004 First Second Third Fourth
2005 First Second Third Fourth
2006 First Second Third Fourth
2007 First Second Third Fourth
2008 First Second Third Fourth
2009 First Second Third Fourth
2010 First Second Third Fourth
2011 First Second Third Fourth

This Page was last updated on April 27, 2011 .

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