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Happy Endings

October - December  2004

These are some of our adopted Goldens 
who have gone on to their new homes!


Holly formerly Emelia

We adopted Holly in Dec. 2004.  So here is a picture that you may now use to include her in the portfolio.  Holly is doing well and five years later is still all puppy.  She loves to play and has so much energy.  Her 10yr old sister tries to help her with releasing some of that energetic playfulness, but its getting a little hard for her to keep up any more.



Rudy (whose rescue name was Barley) writes to say: This picture is of me with my Bassett brother at my 5th birthday party. I used to be an outside dog, but now I live indoors with mom, dad, Bassett brother, and 4 cats. I've learned to walk, heel, sit, shake, fetch, and catch, and hope to learn to swim this summer. I enjoy car rides, walks, catching popcorn, and watching movies on the sofa. I didn't used to know what a toy was, but now I enjoy carrying one around constantly. I don't like to be alone, cause I used to be too much. My mom and dad say they are lucky to have me cause I am almost perfect, and they should know.



Amelia is a beautiful burnt gold color with amber eyes which are full of love. Now she has her very own family including a doggie sister. Amelia has already started obedience class and is a star at that.



Popcorn is a cool senior boy who loves to carry something in his mouth. He got his Christmas wish of a family of his very own to love him and for him to love.



Jacob is a sweet boy who steals everyone's heart. He's now got a family complete with a doggie brother to love.



O'Malley is having fun in his new home where he's the center of attention and getting lots of play and exercise.



Dottie has a new name -- Lucy -- and a new home where she's having lots of fun and getting lots of snuggle time.



Dudley has found his new home with a Golden brother and Golden Sister to teach him the ropes



Hope all is going well with the pups. Here is the letter about Emily. She has really become a character. She has really become more comfortable here and really loves couches. She also has gotten the fact that if she goes potty outside , she gets a treat. She loves our walks in the morning and has become quite the tough girl. She barks at the other dogs and just about every noise we hear along the way. We leave her kennel door open during the day and she freely moves around. She will go in there when she has had enough of the ball tossing and to nap. She also has started wagging her tail more as opposed to having it so close to her and also she sleeps sprawled on her back which we hear is a sign that she is comfortable.   We received our certificate and microchip tag info on Friday.



Heidi is a little girl who loves to be with you and help with what you are doing.  She has a new home with a Golden sister to play with and a family with lots of love to give her



Sam (who was foster boy Leroy) is settling in quickly in his new home.  He and his new doggie sister Winnie play all the time.  Hiw new family say that "he is the perfect companion for both Winnie and our family."



Connor (who was foster boy Ezekiel) is a total velcro dog who so wants to be close.  He is now getting the love and attention which he so craves in his new home and gets to go lots of fun places and meet lots of great new friends.




Dodger is a very special boy who came to rescue heartworm positive.  After being treated for heartworms, he had two serious episodes of seizures.  We hope that his seizures are now under control with medication.  He is a sweet, mellow dog who sometimes takes more than normal time to figure things out.  He has now found a special home who loves him as he is and where he can enjoy his life.



Chewy (who we think is likely a Golden/Lab mix) is settling in permanently with his loving foster home's family.  He's having quite a time with his new Golden sisters. 



Carmen is a lively girl who was very thin when she came to rescue.  Now she's in great shape and living the good life with her new family.



Jack Jack

When Jack-Jack came to rescue, he was missing an eye.  He doesn't know that he has any physical limitation & enjoys life to the fullest.  He now has a home with a fun doggie brother Rowdy, and his new family reports that it seems like the two of them have been around each other their whole lives.


Roger now Reddy

Roger, now named Reddy, is a handsome senior boy who has found a very happy home filled with love for him.



Boone has a new loving home as well as a new name, Blue, and a new Golden sister, Grace.  Blue has unusual looking eyes, likely from prior entropian surgery, and found a home who loves him for the great dog he is. 



Dieker is a sweet boy who is having a fun time in his new home.  He dressed up for Halloween as a policeman and looks quite handsome in his costume.


Brenna Rose (formerly Goldilocks)

Brenna Rose is a sweet girl who was turned into rescue from a puppy mill.  Now she has a great life with a loving family & her new Golden brother.  She's blossoming quickly & hopefully before long will be a typical outgoing Golden.



Elway is a handsome, mature Golden boy who craves attention. He's getting all the attention he could ever want at his new home at an assisted living facility. He gets and gives a lot of love.



Windsor, who is now named Sage, is an active young adult male Golden who is having lots of fun with his active new family.



Humphry is so regal when he looks around his domain in his new home that he has been nicknamed their "lion king."  He is having a great time playing with the other Golden in his new home. 



Dex is happy to have a new home where he's part of the family and it seems like he's always been there. Dex gets to go on at least 2 walks a day and also enjoy other family activities and hanging out at his new home.



Lance is a lucky pup--he now has a wonderful home filled with love and fun and a new name, Rusty.  Rusty (pictured on the left) loves playing with his new doggie sister Molly (pictured on the right). 



Doogan has a new Golden brother, another Love A Golden adoptee, Hunter, and is having a great time with his new family. 


All of our adopted Golden are featured
on our Happy Endings Pages in the quarter in which they were adopted.  
Click below to see all of our Happy Goldens.

2001 All quarters
2002 First & Second Third & Fourth
2003 First Second Third Fourth
2004 First Second Third Fourth
2005 First Second Third Fourth
2006 First Second Third Fourth
2007 First Second Third Fourth
2008 First Second Third Fourth
2009 First Second Third Fourth
2010 First Second Third Fourth
2011 First Second Third Fourth

This Page was last updated on January 09, 2010 .

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