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Happy Endings

July - September  2010

These are some of our adopted Goldens 
who have gone on to their new homes!



Eli formerly Quinn

Quinn now Eli has settle in his new home, he loves to run, play ball and go on walks.






Cooper formerly Nikon

Nikon now Cooper has settle in his new home he craves attention and he gets a lot, he also loves walks,


Samm is well after his heartworm treatment and has found his perfect home where he is very happy


Lucas is having great fun in his new home


Walter is settled in his new home, he is a cute guy who deserves to have a lot of love in his forever home



Drew is loved by his new home,  he gets to go on walks at  Cuiver River SP and he loves to ride in a car.  His new home says “Can't tell you how lucky we feel to have him, he's a dream.”



Nickey has a wonderful new home with another LAGR dog.   


Secret has found her perfect new home with a new mom that loves her a lot


Clyde is a lucky boy his new Dad came to pick him up in his plane and he flew to Cleveland, he is doing very well.



Hank is doing well in his new home his new Mom & Dad love him.



Seff formerly Merlin

Merlin now Seff has found his forever home with his foster family.   He is doing well and learning all the things a young Golden needs to know to stay out of trouble.



Abby formerly Abbigail

Abbigail now Abby is doing well in her new home and continues to adjust.   Abby is so happy to have Aspen to share I life with



Violet formerly Glory

Glory now Violet's new Mom says ". I love having her in my life. She and my Harry are getting on great. They sleep in the bed with me together. She is sleeping next to my chair as I write this to you. I enjoy discovering more things about her personality everyday. She is at my feet every time I open the freezer door to get her ice cube. She loves rolling in the grass. She is the sloppiest water drinker I have ever seen.




Gus has a wonderful new family and a new doggie buddy Bo to share his life with




Monte's new home is a perfect place for him in Southern Colorado.  He gets to go on great walks and is very lucky to have such a wonderful home after being used for breeding for 9 years.




Norman has found his perfect forever home, with another senior and a devoted Mom & Dad


Honey formerly ShyAnn

ShyAnn now Honey has a home with two other Goldens and she is having a wonderful time after her former life being used for breeding



Maxwell formerly Sinclair

Sinclair now Maxwell is doing very well in his new home,   his life before rescue was horrible but he has a great home now.


Doug formerly Justin

Justin now Doug is learning lots of manners.  His Mom is hoping he will be a Therapy Dog.  He has not mastered the art of drinking without making a big mess



All of our adopted Golden are featured
on our Happy Endings Pages in the quarter in which they were adopted.  
Click below to see all of our Happy Goldens.

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2002 First & Second Third & Fourth
2003 First Second Third Fourth
2004 First Second Third Fourth
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2006 First Second Third Fourth
2007 First Second Third Fourth
2008 First Second Third Fourth
2009 First Second Third Fourth
2010 First Second Third Fourth
2011 First Second Third Fourth

This Page was last updated on October 02, 2010 .

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