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Happy Endings

January -  March      2005

These are some of our adopted Goldens 
who have gone on to their new homes!



Rachel is a sweet young Golden who came to rescue about to have puppies. Rachel was a wonderful mom to her 10 mix pups, and she now has found a wonderful home of her own. She is getting lots of time to play and to enjoy life with her new family.


Abby Girl

Abby Girl is a petite senior Golden girl who ended up in a shelter after her owner fell ill and could not care for her any longer. She was diagnosed with Golden Retriever uveitis and secondary glaucoma and had recurring corneal ulcers. Unfortunately she lost the sight in her left eye due to the disease, and now the medication is no longer controlling the glaucoma in that eye so the specialists are recommending that the eye be removed. She is likely to eventually lose sight in her right eye as well. Even though she has that bad news, she is very lucky in that she found a very special family to love her and who will continue her care.



Shirley (on the right in the picture) is one of the Golden mix puppies born to Rachel right after Rachel came to rescue.  Shirley now has a new family and a new name Leela.  Leela has a great time playing with her new doggie brother Louie and particularly enjoys chasing him around the yard.



Ginger is doing great in her new home having fun and learning the ropes of living without her brothers and sisters. She goes on walks and has lots of play time with her new family.


Shredder with new sisters

Shredder (on the left hand side in the picture) is a handsome senior Golden who is having a blast in his new home with his new Golden sisters.  Shredder is so thankful that a special home was willing to adopt a senior like him.  He has so much love to share. 


Amiko (formerly Pepe)

Peppe is having a great time playing and doing things in his new home.  He has has been renamed Amiko, Italian for friend, and he's living up to his name.


Sparky Larky

Sparky Larky is a very happy-go-lucky Golden boy with a glint in his eye. He enjoys his life to the fullest and is having the greatest time living in Wyoming with his new family.



Fonzie is one of the puppies which was born to the Golden Rachel soon after she came to rescue.  He is having a great time in his new home. 



Dodgie is starting a new life in a loving home.  He is the type of Golden who always wants to have something in his mouth.  He is fast becoming a fan of classical music as he gets to meet violin students who take lessons in his home.



Twinkie is an endearing girl who loves attention. She's now lucky to have her very own home where she gets all the attention which she could only dream of when she was in the shelter before coming to rescue.



Spenser enjoys life to the fullest and is having a grand time with his new family.


Chloe, now Shelby Girl

Shelby GIrl (previously known as Chloe) loves attention and play and gets plenty of both in her new home complete with a doggie buddy.



McGraw is glad that his heartworm treatment was completed and he can now enjoy life as a cherished companion with a doggie buddy.


Shimmy, now Kyra

Shimmy has a new name Kyra and a new family to call her very own.  She's having lots of fun with her new doggie sister Pumpkin who is helping teach her the ropes. 


Trixie (formerly Phoebe)

Trixie formally Phoebe is doing great in her new home.  She is learning how to live with a family and will be going to puppy close very soon



Daphane is doing great in her new home getting lots of attention and love.  


Hershey (formerly Monica)

Monica now Hershey has found a home with a Golden Buddy, Glory, who is helping her get used to her new home.   Hershey is also loving all the attention she is getting from her new family and adoring neighbors.



Stony Bear

Stony is a big teddy bear!  He loves to carry a toy around in his mouth and has lots of toys in his new home.  He is particularly happy that he now has a family to give him lots of pets and a fun doggie sister, who was also adopted from Love A Golden, to play with him. 



Burke had spent his life tied in a yard before coming to rescue. Now he is a cherished member of the family and having lots of fun as a companion.



Whimsy is settling into her new home and has a new name Lindsay.  She also has a new doggie buddy Nicky and they have lots of fun horseplaying. 



Punkin craves attention and just wants to be near you. Before coming to rescue, she was in the house as a puppy, but then once she got big, she was tied out. She is now making up lost time for the love and attention which she missed out on during her first 5 years. She has a loving and active family to keep her busy and to love.


All of our adopted Golden are featured
on our Happy Endings Pages in the quarter in which they were adopted.  
Click below to see all of our Happy Goldens.

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2010 First Second Third Fourth
2011 First Second Third Fourth


This Page was last updated on November 17, 2008 .

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